Nia Vardalos’ ‘Instant Mom’

Nia Vardalos is a huge inspiration to everyone here at HelloGiggles. We all obviously know her from writing and starring in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. She was nominated for an Oscar for that screenplay and has continued to write and star in a number of other films that are all…well, awesome!

She’s written something new, a novel, called ‘Instant Mom’. A beautiful book about her journey to becoming a mother. It’s not only moving and heartfelt but HILARIOUS and insightful in the most surprising ways.

It catches you from the start and you don’t want to stop reading. What you end up with once you’ve finished the book is a lot of new information about parenting and adoption, and a bunch of stories (both funny and moving) from Nia along the way.

Fine! We might have cried on the first page…but we were laughing by the second so it’s totally okay! And when we said “first page” we really meant before the book even started. Because how perfect is this dedication?

You can buy it on Amazon here!

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