Richard Sherman, who plays defense in the NFL for the Seattle Seahawks, is known for putting on a bit of a show for the press. The super-fast athlete is originally from Compton, California, and yesterday at a press conference, he showed that he might have magical origins as well. Richard Sherman came to a press conference dressed as Harry Potter, and it was too adorable. This guy plays football so hard that after a tough game Sunday, he could barely walk off the field. That makes it even more delightful to see that he has a whimsical side.

Richard Sherman told the press that his son wants him to dress up for Halloween, so he did.

LOL! We love how deep into character Richard gets as he’s rocking his Griffyndor colors. And we definitely noticed that he’s waving around the Elder Wand. He must have some serious magical powers!

Richard went on to say that he really felt at home at Hogwarts.

We can totally feel him on that. While we normally have to live in the real world, sometimes it’s just so much more satisfying to sip a butter beer and eat some Every Flavor Beans.

Richard told the press that he plans to go out trick-or-treating, but he’s got the perfect disguise.

We won’t tell anyone, Richard, even though now we know your secret!

Happy Halloween, Richard!