Rachel Paige
Updated Jul 21, 2015 @ 9:26 am

. . . The Sword in the Stone!

Disney’s 1963 animated film is the next to get the life-action treatment, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Very interesting choice—and kind of a departure from the recent trend of princess stories, and spin-off princess stories. It’s also an awesome choice, since it’s packed with knights and wizards and talking owls. For a refresher, The Sword in the Stone is the story of a young boy named Arthur (see where this is going?) who pulls out a sword stuck in a great stone rock with so much ease, he lands the title of King Arthur.

OK, that’s a majorly abbreviated version of the OG The Sword in the Stone, but you get the idea.Though it might not have any princesses or Elton John songs, it’s still a classic movie worth another viewing in preparation for the new reboot. Plus, it’s got Merlin the Wizard, Arthur’s mentor who you’ll get to know pretty well on this upcoming season of Once Upon A Time.

For this new adaptation, Disney recruited a writer who knows prophecies and kings (and young kings) very well. Bryan Cogman, a scribe for Game of Thrones, is being given the keys to Camelot. Variety suggests that we can expect the story to be on the “lighter” side, so that probably means that no one is going to be killed at any color-related weddings. Phew.

Cogman actually tweeted his excitement about landing the gig, and he included a really appropriate picture taken at Disney’s Fantasyland.

Disney hasn’t released anything regarding its director, actors, or even a release date yet. But that’s OK, seeing as how it will probably take Cogman a while to actually get that sword out.

(Images via Disney, Tumblr and Twitter)