Rachel Paige
Updated Aug 12, 2016 @ 5:15 pm
Kent Phillips/Getty Images

Say hello to Elena of Avalor, the newest Disney princess to make her way to the Magic Kingdom.


In case you didn’t know, and this is something you should definitely know, whenever a new princess waltzes into the kingdom, she gets her own little ~welcoming~ party. And it really is a party! Disney doesn’t hold back when it comes to showing royalty a good time, and there’s always a parade, streamers, music, dancing, and of course, so much magic.

Elena is the newest to receive this literally princess treatment, and we’re so excited she’s here. Elena is also the first Latino princess, and she’s even got her own show on Disney Channel, which is perfectly titled Elena of Avalor. Like many princesses before her, she is smart, strong, and fiercely independent. She doesn’t need anyone to fight her battles for her.

Disney Channel

Those in the Magic Kingdom got a taste of this in real life when she was officially welcomed to the park. If you missed the celebration, don’t worry; we’ve got the highlights right here.

There was a royal procession, in a horse-drawn carriage.

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Cinderella was there to welcome Elena to the castle (and it is her castle, after all)

David Roark/Getty Images

Elena also sang and played guitar, because not only is she a princess, but also an accomplished musician!

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And there were so. many. streamers.

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There’s almost like, too much magic happening right now.

You can watch the whole princess procession yourself below (starting at 15:44). Anyone else suddenly feel like taking a trip to Disney to meet Elena IRL?