Credit: Lucasfilm

Deep inside Disneyland, Star Wars Land is slowly coming to life — we just wish it was happening about 15x faster, because we want to blast off to this new location ASAP. Especially, after seeing the newest image of the location. Earlier today Disneyland released a brand new concept design of the area, and omg, it’s beautiful.

Credit: Disney

Would it be too much to wallpaper an entire room with this?

This new image was unveiled actually IN Disneyland, along the fence adjacent to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Star Wars Land will be located directly behind this attraction, and the path that used to run behind the wildest ride in the wilderness has been shut down for construction. You can still get up close and personal with one of the construction walls, and the one directly next to the Thunder Mountain exit is where this image is located.

Credit: HelloGiggles

It’s hard to make out the tiny details in this image, but just know when it comes to life it’ll be breathtaking. Can’t you see the Millennium Falcon hanging out in the far left corner? You think the fastest ship in the galaxy is just going to hang out ANYWHERE?

It’s still going to be a long time until we get to see — and visit — the real Star Wars Land, since the construction phase it’s currently in is “Tattooine.” Meaning, it’s a lot of sand, and dirt, and junk. But one day, it’ll be BEAAA-U-TI-FULLL. false