Let’s be real. These days, musicians seem to be spewing mass quantities of beats, lyrics and song while we, the audience, are rarely using the colander of our own brains to separate out the talented from the not, the worthy from the lackadaisically grouped in, the gifted from the all too common mediocre. We’ve made it easy. Let’s stop. Step one in making that change is operating your ears at a higher level of discernment. Taking the bar five notches higher to demand a product that deserves your attention, not just defaults to it.

Enter My 2 Sense. Meet George 2.0. George is a teller of tales, a weaver of words. He invites you into his world with warmth and as you settle in for the ride, you realize you’ve been there, you’ve done this. His story becomes yours and yours his. And so, the journey begins.

George has written, produced, recorded and starred in every part of My 2 Sense. His intellect and wit shine through in his ability as a wordsmith, his creativity in song boggles and the sheer difference from anything else out there separates it from the pool of generic, double dipped sounds we are being spoon fed on the regular. It’s unique. It’s bold. It’s the start of something incredibly beautiful for an artist who is truly only just beginning.

There is no mistake that the underlying theme of this work is traveling to the furthest regions: mentally, emotionally and quite literally. Taking flight exactly fits the trajectory of where George and his talent will soon go. This one deserves your ear, your mind and your support.

You can stream the My 2 Sense EP, at no cost, for the next week right here! Otherwise, it can be found for purchase on iTunes, Amazon or Google Play.

Follow George on Twitter @twopointoh. When he isn’t creating his own art, he’s helping Janelle Monáe create her’s.

Disclaimer: George is one of my closest friends & you should think he is as talented as I do.

Photo via George 2.0