Rachel Paige
Updated Feb 17, 2015 @ 1:57 pm

Truth is, we’re all still trying to recover from SNL‘s epic 40th anniversary special. We weren’t even a part of the show, but we’re still processing every little thing that happened. Slowly, as all those who were involved begin to wake up from the 24-hour nap they took Sunday night into Monday, more and more awesome behind-the-scenes moments are beginning to surface. One of those things — and maybe the most important thing — is the first candid picture (and from what I know the first ever picture) of our new lady Ghostbusters ensemble.

YES a thousand times over. Was this moment planned? Did all these fierce ladies agree to get together for a quick photo opp after the SNL tribute wrapped? Or was this just a spontaneous moment during which the planets aligned, angels sang from on high, and four of our favorite comedians (three of whom are from SNL!) came together for a brief moment in time?

Whatever the real story, Leslie Jones tweeted out the glorious picture of her, Melissa McCarthy, Kristin Wiig and Kate McKinnon with the caption, “OK I’m exhausted but this week was epic!” Is there a word for being a step above epic? Because that’s how we really feel about this image.

And yes, the other pictures in this epic photo set are of Jones and Beyoncé, Jones and Rihanna, and Jones and Kanye. So she definitely is #winning.

While those other pix are totally cool, they are nothing in comparison to the amount of AWESOME and LADY POWER coming from this Ghostbusters union. Keep these Ghostbusters pictures coming, please.

Image via here.