Alim Kheraj
August 01, 2016 5:02 am

Guys, guys, guys! There’s a new Game of Thrones book coming out and OMG.

Writing on his blog, George R.R. Martin, the author of the wildly popular “A Song of Ice & Fire” series, announced that to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the publication of the first book in the series, A Game of Thrones, a special edition of the first book in the series would be published.


“It was twenty years ago today… not when Sgt Pepper taught the band the play, no, that was much earlier… when GAME OF THRONES was first published. August, 1996,” Martin wrote on his Livejournal page.

Reminiscing about when the book was first released, Martin wrote, “Reviews were generally good, sales were… well, okay. Solid. But nothing spectacular. No bestseller lists, certainly…The crowds didn’t reach one hundred anywhere, and at one stop (St. Louis, if you must know), not only was attendance zero but I actually drove four patrons out of the bookshop.” 

Aww, this is SO sweet.

Obviously, things have changed in the past 20 years, and Game of Thrones has become a cultural phenomenon, mutating into a hugely loved TV show on HBO, which just finished it’s sixth season.

So, to celebrate the 20th anniversary, a new edition of the first book in the series is set to be released. 

Bantam Spectra

The new illustrated edition of the book will feature 73 black and white interior illustrations, and eight full color plates.

Pre-empting the multitude of questions that Martin gets asked about the series by fans, he wrote, “And no, before someone asks, I had no idea when this all started where it would lead… or how long the road would be.” 

But what about news of The Winds of Winter, eh George? When can we finally expect the sixth book?

“[S]till working on book six,” he wrote, “and no, sorry, I have no announcement to make on that front.”


Over the weekend, it was announced by HBO that the eighth season of Game of Thrones would indeed be its last.


Luckily, A Game of Thrones: The Illustrated Edition goes on sale October 18, 2016, so we have something fun to look forward to and even more of Westeros to delve in to.