In the recent words of Justin Bieber: Game of Thrones, WHAT DO YOU MEAN?

Because you tell us that Jon Snow is dead, and then you go ahead and release a promo image for the upcoming sixth season that prominently features Jon Snow, and this kind of information is VERY CONFLICTING.

As you’re more than likely well aware, because by now this fact is common knowledge even among those who don’t watch Game of Thrones, during the Season 5 finale of the show Jon Snow met a grim fate. He was killed by his own comrades, who left him out to die in the snow, and leaving viewers at home pulling out their hair over his “is he/is he not dead?” fate. Seriously. It’s been a really long five months since the finale. It happened back in June. It’s now November.

For just for a real quick Jon Snow Death Watch recap, many from Game of Thrones claim that he’s dead. The director of the finale, Dave Nutter, even told President Obama that Jon Snow is dead (and I mean, I’m not expert on the Constitution but I’m pretty sure lying to the president about Game of Thrones is a punishable offense). Elsewhere, the cast of GoT has been kept in the dark, with many of them completely unaware if he lives or dies — and even if they do know, they’re doing a really good job throwing us off the scent in recent interviews.

While Kit Harrington has been spotted with long hair and around shooting locations for the next season, just like Jon Snow, we know nothing. And then HBO has to go and release the first image of Season 6 which undeniably shows Jon Snow. So once again, what does this mean??

Not to overly analyze the image, but how we saw Jon in the finale. That blood splatter underneath his eye is completely new. He’s also looking down, which suggests that he’s upright, and not lying flat on his back in the snow. Was that whole death scene a fake out, or has the Red Witch, Melisandre, made herself useful and brought him back to life? Is it a combination of all those things? None of them? GoT, you better make up your mind.

While I’m going to drive myself crazy agonizing over this for the rest of the day (maybe week, month, year), there’s one that’s absolutely certain: Game of Thrones returns in April. Whether or not Jon Snow returns is still ANYONE’S GUESS. So, guess away.

(Image via HBO)