Rachel Paige
February 11, 2015 9:25 am

The best way to get through the back end of this week is to check out Disney’s brand new trailer for Cinderella. It’s got so much more dancing, SO much more girl power and way more Robb Stark as the dashing prince. Basically, it’s everything we could ever want in a movie, and that’s before we even get to the fact that Lily James is the perfect choice for the mysterious girl who runs away from the ball.

We all know the age-old story of Cinderella, but Disney’s newest iteration of the princess appears to be adding a few twists to the old classic. Is Cinderella 100% more vocal about what she wants in life and a lot more assertive? YES. Does she meet the prince BEFORE the ball so the attraction is not just about her in a fancy dress? YES. This is the best princess update we could have hoped for. Also, Cinderella can still clearly talk to animals, so she’s staying true to her roots, too.

The new trailer also features a lot more Cate Blanchett as Lady Tremaine, and she appears to be horribly, deliciously, infectiously wicked. There’s a reason Lady T is an evil step-mother. Just one more question, though: do we think it was intentional to match Richard Madden’s eyes to Cinderella’s dress? Ether way, everything about that pairing makes us swoon.

Oh and the costumes. are. amazing.

It feels like we’ve already been waiting FOREVER for this movie, but now its release is just around the corner. Check out the trailer below, and double check that you’re still completely free on March 13th when it drops into theaters.

Images via here and here.