Rachel Paige
Updated Feb 25, 2015 @ 10:39 am

There’s a brand new Avengers: Age of Ultron poster, which means that it’s time to start obsessing over it. We are inching SO CLOSE to the film’s May 1st release but there are still a hundred things we don’t yet know about the movie, and a hundred more that will probably make our heads explode when we see it for the first time.

Still, this new movie poster has a lot for us to work with. First thing we noticed? The whole gang’s back together — plus some — and it appears that they’re saving the day from something. OK, enough with the obvious. Here’s what we really learned (or, at least, think we’ve learned) from the new Avengers poster.

They all look very worried

Uh, what are they staring at off in the distance? Except for Captain America, who is staring in the opposite direction at something else that doesn’t give him a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Some new friends are here

This poster officially introduces siblings Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. We first saw these two show up at the very, very end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and now they’re here to hang out with the rest of the Avengers.

There’s also a “mystery” Avenger here, too

But, he’s not really a mystery, because we know who he is — Vision. We just haven’t gotten a really good look at him yet, only small teases like this. He’s going to be played by Paul Bettany, who’s actually been in the Avengers movies already, but ONLY as the voice of Tony Stark’s JARVIS. Got that?

Vision was originally created by Avengers baddie, Ultron, but ultimately turns good. It’ll be interesting to see how that happens. Also, he’s an android (not the phone). You can get your own glimpse of Vision if you look right above Hulk’s head, he’s the big yellowish blur there.

Peggy Carter‘s in the cast

Though she’s not on the poster, her name appears in tiny little print down in the bottom scroll. This is important, because that means we’re going to get some flashback scenes from Peggy doing her thing with S.H.I.E.L.D. way back when.


How does Loki factor into all of this? WHO KNOWS WHO CARES LOKI IS BACK, YOU GUYS. So what if the last time we saw him he was “dead” and actually pretending to be his father, Odin. He’s listed in the cast, IMDB confirms it, we are so ready.

And, so are Ultron’s army of robots

Those are the robots you see floating behind everyone. Yes, they’re here to cause trouble. That should be fun to fight, right? Of course Ultron has an army of flying robots. The bigger question is why wouldn‘t he have an army of flying robots at his disposal?

Iron Man may have something planned. . .

Robert Downey Jr.,—that’s Iron Man himself— tweeted out a stand-alone movie poster, and then teased that “on the DL, big announcement in 8 days… #getexcited.” Quick, everyone start speculating as to what this could be. If we can wait until May 1st, we can wait another 8 days for whatever new Avengers info is going to drop. But seriously, RDJ, tell us now!

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