Oh, do you want a few MORE American Horror Story: Hotel teasers? At the rate Ryan Murphy is dropping information on us, there might not be anything left to surprise us with when Hotel premiers. Just kidding. This is AHS. Even with all these promo pictures, and teaser trailers, and extensive interviews with the cast, there’s a lot more we still don’t know about the show. It’s both exciting, and terrifying, at the same time. Just the way we like our AHS.

Late Monday night, Murphy hinted at a few more AHS teasers, and then dropped not one, not even two, but THREE brand new ones on us.

These three new :15 second trailers are completely different from the ones we’ve seen before. Now it feels like we’re actually getting teasers for the new characters, rather than just the craziness that will go down at Hotel Cortez. Ready to check them out?

The first one is called “Towhead” and features a bunch of children walking down the stairs into what looks like a basement landing. How scary can that be? The answer is: very scary. Mostly because the lights flicker on and off, and I can’t be the only one who is actually terrified of scenarios where lights flicker on and off.

The second trailer is called “Sleepwalker” and this is the only one that actually made me shudder a little bit. We’ve got a mattress, in the middle of the hallway, and someone has been sewn inside the mattress. Whoever this is, yeah, they’re sleepwalking all right.

The last one actually gives us a real glimpse of a returning AHS fave, Evan Peters. He’s going to play James March, who is the original owner of Hotel Cortez, and is also a serial killer. In “Jeepers Peepers,” we see a quick glimpse of his eye. Doesn’t sound terrifying, but just watch.

Yikes. God thing we’re checking these out during the daytime. But then again, AHS: Hotel will air at night, starting on October 7th. So… might want to start watching it with the lights on.

(Image via FX)