Rachel Paige
Updated October 20, 2017 8:53 am

Just because Halloween is done and over with after October 31st, that doesn’t mean the Halloween fun has to stop. While, as always, come November 1st we’ll lose a few beloved titles on Netflix, we’re also going to gain some, too. Silver lining, right? And this month, Casper the friendly ghost is coming your way, on your Netflix streaming device of choice.

Yes, the movie that launched a thousand crushes on a CGI ghost way back in 1996 is coming to streaming just in time for the day after All Hallow’s Eve. But no worries, as Casper is really a movie that can be enjoyed all day, every day, every single day of the year. Who doesn’t want to relive the magic of watching a young Christina Ricci dance with our forever-crush Devon Sawa?? Casper is probably the reason you’ve been so into ghosts for the last 21 years.

This is just one of the many, many tiles that will be hitting Netflix in November. The full list will be out on Monday, and we’ll learn what’s coming (and going 😭😭😭) from the streaming site. So while you still might not know what you’re going to be for Halloween, at least you know what you’re doing November 1st.