Alyssa Thorne
January 15, 2018 9:07 am
Netflix, CBS, RADiUS-TWC

Sometimes you just need to give yourself a bit of an existential crisis, you know? And for those times when you want to be creeped out, ’cause it’s a little bit fun, Netflix is ready to step in with a looooong roster of movies, shows, and documentaries to scratch that itch.

That in mind, here’s a list of 19 of our favorite creepy movies, shows, and docs available to stream on Netflix RIGHT NOW that will fill you with dread and make you wonder about how crazy it is that you ever trust other people! Without further ado…

1The Imposter

The most mind-bending documentary you could ever ask for, The Imposter tells the story of Frederic Bourdin, the con man who — as an adult, French man with a noticeable accent — convinced an American family that he was their long lost teenage son. Yeah, it’s A LOT to take in.

2Black Mirror

If you haven’t seen Black Mirror, you need to immediately. Not only is it just straight-up good, but if you’re looking to really be suspicious of every technological advance made throughout the rest of your life, this will set you off in the direction of tinfoil hats for sure.


Sea World is great, right? Blackfish doesn’t think so, and it’ll make you super wary of any animal in captivity forevermore.

4The OA

One of the more bizarre shows in existenceThe OA starts off about a missing girl reappearing, turns into a weird story about Russian oligarchs, moves on to being a sort of frightening medical-slash-hostage conspiracy, takes a sharp turn into interpretive dance, and finally lands nowhere near any of these things. Equal parts creepy and existential crisis-inducing, The OA is definitely worth a look.

5It Follows

It Follows is a super unique and super creepy horror movie. It’s slow and beautiful to watch, so you forget until it’s too late that it’s going to give you nightmares literally forever.

6Train to Busan

Less creepy and more of a straight-up thriller, Train to Busan is the South Korean zombie movie you never knew you needed in your life. It has all the eeks and ahhs you want from a horror-thriller. Plus, we promise it’ll make you bawl your eyes out because it’s so good.

7Poverty, Inc.

Particularly relevant right nowPoverty, Inc. shows how ensuring and exploiting the poverty of some nations have made the West rich. It’ll make you think very critically about so-called charitable organizations, which’ll make you better, and also a little bit scared.

8Dead Set

The creator of Black Mirror made a series about a reality competition show during a zombie apocalypse. NEED WE SAY MORE?

9The Twilight Zone

The OG mind-bender. Any true fan of being recreationally creeped out needs to have this on their resume.

10The Keepers

The Keepers starts as a murder mystery, and then morphs into a powerful indictment of the Catholic diocese and its deep, systemic denial of the sexual abuse that takes place within it. A total must-see.

11The Babadook

Although it most recently made headlines after becoming a LGBT icon (of… sorts), The Babadook is an instant classic horror film that is definitely a 10 on the creepy scale.

12Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks will make you suspicious of small towns and every person on earth who isn’t Dale Cooper.

13Killer Legends

It’s a doc that investigates the real roots for terrifying urban legends. Paranoia, party of one, thank you.

14Bates Motel

Bates Motel will definitely make you extra wary of things you should definitely be more wary of. For example, creepy teenage boys who invite you to look at their taxidermy collection. JUST SAY NO, RIHANNA. JUST SAY NO.

15Amanda Knox

You’ve probably heard of Amanda Knox, the American girl studying abroad who was accused and nearly put away for the murder of her roommate. While this documentary may or may not convince you of her innocence, it’s definitely going to make you suspicious of everybody you ever meet, ever. Especially Amanda Knox.

16The Awakening

The ULTIMATE ghost story that will make even the most hardcore skeptic a little more paranoid about things that go bump in the night.

17Penny Dreadful

Are you one of those people who still low-key worries about the monsters under your bed? (In like, a normal, adult way…) If so, Penny Dreadful will turn that worry into full-fledged fear of every dark corner. Also, Eva Green is a major league badass in it.

18Hostage to the Devil

It’s a documentary about a real, actual Exorcist. That’s really all we need to say.

19The Good Place

So we realize that this is tonally dissonant, and it’s a half-hour comedy, but can we please talk about the twist from the end of Season 1? Unless you haven’t seen it, because then you need to go watch it immediately and you’ll understand why it’s on this list. We trust NOTHING after that reveal.