Olivia Harvey
Updated Oct 17, 2017 @ 4:15 pm

You don’t have to tell us twice. We are 100% certain that ghosts exist. But if you’re on the fence and need more convincing that the paranormal realm is very real, then these ghost-filled Netflix shows and movies might just push you into being a believer.

The list below offers options for those who like hardcore evidence and true firsthand accounts of hauntings, as well as fictionalized retellings of real stories. Even if you’re the type who will never admit belief, we think you’ll at least find these tales entertaining.

Keep your eyes peeled and your senses heightened because haunts may be lurking where you least expect them!

1Paranormal Survivor

People who have experienced firsthand hauntings retell their stories alongside reenactment imagery in this unscripted documentary show. Both seasons are jam-packed with tales of haunted houses and objects, poltergeist activity, and demonic entities lurking amongst unsuspecting families.

2The Rite

If you’re more into demonic possession, this flick might be right up your alley. The Rite, starring Anthony Hopkins, was inspired by the true events recalled by Father Gary Thomas for Matt Baglio’s book The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist. The film follows a fictionalized version of Father Gary, a trained exorcist, who is sent to exorcise a woman who has been completely overcome by a demon.

3Portal to the Unknown

A mixed bag of unsolved mysteries, Portal to the Unknown explores haunts, UFO sightings, strange vanishings, and of course, cases of demonic possession. In each new episode, we watch reenactments of events and hear from historians, experts, and victims who experienced them firsthand.

4Most Haunted

America might have its fair share of ghosts, but our spirits are no match for the numerous haunts in Great Britain. This paranormal investigation show hosted by Yvette Fielding takes viewers around Britain and continental Europe to some of the oldest and most haunted locations in existence. Since 2002, Fielding and the Most Haunted team of parapsychologists, spiritual mediums, historians, and scientists have gathered a plethora of convincing evidence that proves the paranormal realm is very real indeed.

5The Watcher

Part true story, part supernatural thriller, The Watcher proves that some ghosts don’t necessarily haunt in the conventional sense. Based on the real events of a New Jersey couple who dealt with a relentless, frightening, and seemingly invisible stalker after moving into a new home (the stalker has yet to be caught), this film chronicles a fictionalized couple’s dealings with something that wants them out of its home and will do whatever it needs to make them leave.

6Top 10 Secrets and Mysteries — Episode 6

This show covers a wide variety of different strange phenomena and unsolved happenings. But if you’re hellbent on bingeing paranormal content, Episode 6 will not disappoint. Top 10 presents some of the best-known haunts without trying to give conclusive explanation, because some paranormal activity simply cannot be debunked.

Whether you’ve experienced a ghost sighting before or have yet to interact with those beyond the grave, we hope these films validate your experience or open your mind. The truth is out there, people. Stay vigilant!