Hey everyone, remember how February is the shortest month of the year? Well, if you’ve forgotten, the end is currently in sight. It’s almost March. That means that a handful of beloved movies and television shows are about to disappear from Netflix and you’ve only got three more days to check them out. Curse you, February, for being so short! So clear your schedule, grab some snacks, because you’ve got a lot of movies to binge in just a few short days.

Note: some of these movies won’t leave Netflix ’til the middle of the month, but you might want to go ahead and watch them ASAP just to be on the safe side.

Air Bud

The movie that started the whole, This Dog Can Do ANYTHING trend, is sadly leaving Netflix. But don’t worry, even though the original Air Bud will be gone from instant watch, you can still check out Air Bud: Golden Receiver, Air Bud: World Pup, Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch, Air Bud: Spikes Back and most importantly, Air Buddies, which is all about little puppies.

Cool Runnings

Argue however you want, but Cool Runnings is one of the best sports movies ever made, and it’s just a bonus that the late John Candy is in it. Laugh all you want about the “joke” of an actual Jamaican Bobsled Team, but the REAL Jamaican Bobsled Team actually participated in the 2014 Winter Olympics.


Evita movie has a hefty running time of well over two hours, but it’s still a must-see because Madonna completely transforms into the role of Eva Perón, First Lady of Argentina. Madonna even won the Golden Globe for her role, and Evita took home an Oscar for Best Original Song.

Freaky Friday

Remember the teen-comedy heyday of Lindsay Lohan? That needs to come back like, right now. There doesn’t need to be a remake of Freaky Friday, though, because it was already a remake, and this 2003 version is pretty close to perfect.

Somehow, we’ll all get through this tough time together. Pretty and Pink isn’t going to be on instant watch anymore, which means we’ll either have to fork over some cold hard cash to buy it on DVD, or simply pray it returns to the Internet sooner rather than later.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Remember how much we liked Galavant this past January? Robin Hood: Men In Tights is the early-90s musical version of that, basically, but all about Robin Hood. It also stars Cary Elwes who will always be super dreamy,

The Baby-Sitters Club

Let’s talk about the magic of The Baby-Sitter’s Club the movie. It went above and beyond the stories in the books as the girls tried to juggle babysitting and their lives over the course of one summer. Kristy’s estranged father returns! Claudia’s stuck in summer school! Mallory is trying to write a book! Stacy has a crush on a 17 year old boy! So much to handle.

The Graduate

Watch this one to impress your parents, and then next time you see them make a joke about “plastics.” Or just watch The Graduate because it’s actually an amazing movie with a young Dustin Hoffman, just saying.

Troop Beverly Hills

Phyllis Nefler has the perfect idea of roughing it, especially if roughing it is a night at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Shelley Long will always be style icon and spiritual guide—and a Wilderness Girls den mother—no matter what.

The Muppet Movie

Yeah, we’ve got those new Muppet movies and everything, but this is the ORIGINAL Muppet movie. The movie’s got singing, and a cross-country road trip, a giant Animal and a million celebrity cameos.

Muppet Treasure Island

OK, another Muppet movie you should watch. This one is based off of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, so yeah, you could say it’s semi-educational. It’s also got Tim Curry playing Long John Silver, the feared pirate.

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