If you’re ever feeling badly about how much Netflix you watch, have no fear: In the grand scheme of things, it can’t POSSIBLY be that much.

On a record breaking streaming day, Netflix users watched 250 million hours of content. This happened on January 8th, aka the first Sunday after the holidays when everyone was recovering from New Year’s Eve the weekend before — we SEE YOU. It was this fateful Sunday that the streaming company broke its record for most movies and TV shows streamed in one day.

On average, Netflix users only watch, like, 150 million hours of content. Which, y’know, is also a fairly staggering number. You might be able to call Netflix users lazy, but you can’t say they’re without ambition, because that’s A LOT.

(By they, we obviously mean us. All of us. Because if you don’t spend your free time watching hours of Netflix, we’re not entirely sure if we trust you, to be totally honest.)

Obviously, with so many people watching so much, Netflix has to put a lot of energy into ensuring people get their content quickly without it impacting THE ENTIRE INTERNET…apparently.

Netflix places caching appliances directly into the networks of ‘net providers and such to prevent streaming from blowing up the internet. Casual. We knew Netflix was popular, but this seems excessive.

Netflix’s VP of Content Delivery said:

Woahhh. Next time your Netflix show is moving a little slowly, maybe be patient, alright? They’re doing their best to serve us without also ruining our lives by crashing the internet, and we’ve gotta respect that — especially when we’re watching 250 million hours of it.