Olivia Harvey
Updated Aug 30, 2017 @ 12:57 pm

Not only did Netflix celebrate their 2oth birthday this week, but the streaming site also released potential new features that Netflix employees have been brainstorming up. One such Netflix idea could change the way we binge-watch forever.

The hack is called “Continue Binge Watching” and it’s a page on the site that would be dedicated to showing viewers how much time they have left before finishing a series. You would be able to see the episodes you’ve already watched and the episodes remaining in a certain series within a clear timeline.

It’s basically the perfect advance for those of us who binge-watch.

Although this new Netflix feature would be a blessing — and a curse (who are we kidding?) — it’s just a prototype right now. Netflix’s most recent hack day, a 24-hour event where teams of engineers compete to see who can come up with the coolest Netflix add-on, resulted in some pretty genius ideas.

Alongside Continue Binge Watching, another team of Netflix engineers released a hack called “AudioBook Mode” where users can listen to their favorite shows with added narration.

And yet another team came up with the Netflix “Vending Machine,” where Netflix users with limited internet connection or credit card limits can add credits to their account with cash.

All of these hacks are crazy good, we must admit. But that binge-watching one could easily become our new best friend if permanently introduced to the streaming site.

We’re sending hopeful brainwaves to Netflix HQ in hopes that Continue Binge Watching will be added to the site sometime soon. In the meantime, we’ll buy some extra comfy pillows and blankets in preparation for some serious binging.