Karen Belz
Updated Jan 02, 2017 @ 9:14 am
Credit: Netflix / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rc6ujjy_R2Y

Aww, Netflix. Our digital best friend. Netflix just knows that media binges are all part of the game, and refuses to shame us for too much television time. That’s why this video that Netflix created which uses puppies and kittens to help depict the glorious TV-binge is almost too perfect.

See, Netflix knows that we’ve all had a really rough end of 2016. And, they know that the way we restarted our brains after the election was through their original programming. Luke Cage and his incredible bulletproof muscles reminded us that we need to remember to relax and enjoy ourselves. Netflix has always been there for us, and I think it’s safe to say that it always will be.

This Netflix “Special Report” is, really, everything we could hope for:

We get you, Eric. We’ve been there. (And we dig your decorative pillows.)

Comparing shows to puppies is almost too good. We wouldn’t mind staring at this little guy for hours.

Credit: Netflix / www.youtube.com

(Sure, American Horror Story isn’t a Netflix original like the video states, but — we can forgive them for that. Because scroll up and look at that cute face again.)

Netflix believes that once the series ends, a movie is the “perfect emotional bridge before binges.”

The fact that they knew that many of us don’t — y’know — take a winter walk outside for some fresh air, and instead peruse the menu some more, is weirdly refreshing. Yeah, the walk is the better choice, but the streaming service isn’t trying to lecture us.

This belief has actually been factually proven. Based on a recent study, 36% of us turn to a movie immediately after a series ends. So, this little clip isn’t just cute — it’s also informative.

Credit: Netflix / www.youtube.com

Just as a reminder, Netflix has already refreshed their catalog for 2017. You can check out classic movies like E.T., the original version of The Parent Trap, Ocean’s Twelve, and V for Vendetta already. The much-awaited Netflix original, A Series of Unfortunate Events, will be hitting the network on the 13th.

We know that we’ll probably be looking just like Eric by the end of this month. And know what? That’s totally okay.