Crystal Ro
June 21, 2016 11:03 am
Bloomberg / Getty

Binge-watching television has basically become a national pastime thanks to Netflix. In fact, we pretty much consider Netflix the perfect BFF on a Friday night (along with some pizza and a bottle of wine, right?). So you can bet your bottom dollar we take note when our dear friend makes any kind of change…particularly when their ~look~ is involved.

Check out Netflix’s new logo.

And, for your reference, here’s a side by side of the standard logo and new logo.


The new image looks like a sleek, red carpet (appropriate!) or perhaps a zig-zagged ribbon. Either way, the overall shape still matched the “N” in their standard logo, and we’re loving it!

Right now, the flashy-new logo appears on their social media sites, i.e. Twitter and Facebook

…but remains as the older/standard logo on their actual site.


However, it looks like the new logo will only appear on their “mobile apps” (for now). In a statement to The Next Web Netflix said, “We are introducing a new element into our branding with an N icon. The current Netflix logo will still remain, and the icon will start to be incorporated into our mobile apps along with other product integrations in the near future.”

It’s definitely a subtle change and interestingly, out of Netflix’s 24 million plus followers on Facebook, only 113 people even responded to the official update on their page.

Netflix / Facebook

Guess everyone was too busy catching up on Orange is the New Black to notice! Which is probably just the way Netflix prefers it.