Pamela Chan
Updated May 21, 2015 @ 7:34 am
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Let’s face it: We. All. Love. Netflix.

Our favorite on-demand media streaming service still leads the pack in terms of at-home streaming and entertainment. The movie/television/watch-whatever-we-want-whenever-we-want lifesaver has—no doubt—changed the way a whole generation consumes content.

But as much as we love Netflix, there are several pesky issues with the service that we’ve had to struggle through. Number one on the list? Speed and efficiency.

Right now, Netflix has the enormous hassle of dealing with an auto-spinning carousel that, at times (too many times), is irritatingly slow. Plus, the design of the site itself makes it difficult to browse through the hoards of content available to us. In order to actually get more information on a show or a film, users have to go through multiple steps, like hover over a teeny-tiny thumbnail, get directed to a brand new screen, and move through rows of little arrows. It takes so much time just to enjoy a movie!

But good news, folks: things are about to change! Netflix confirmed on Wednesday that it will be rolling out an all-new interface for users next month. Here’s a comparison of the old screen versus the new one:


The changes will help bring the site more in line with what users see on phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and with other media players like Roku. As of this week, a few lucky ducks are already getting the chance to experiment with the revamped website—it seems that the company’s already been testing the upgraded version with select customers.

The redesigned interface means you can bid farewell to the nuisance-causing carousel for selecting movies, and instead see much larger thumbnails in each section, instantly expanding movies and shows if you want to see more details about a title. Plus, the new design also cycles through stills taken from throughout the movie’s running time, so you can preview what you’re about to watch easily.

Not only will the new and improved Netflix be more immersive and able to present more relevant information, but it’ll speed up browsing and help us avoid accidental mistaken clicks. It’s user-friendly, boasts a sleeker, cleaner design, and makes up for many of the past inconveniences we’ve all had to deal with.

Overall, it’s a huge win for Netflixers all across the globe. Way to go with those tweaks, Netflix! We’re counting the days until June!

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