One of the greatest inventions of our time? Netflix. And you know what makes it even better? Hacks. Netflix-style hacks, ones that will assist you when you have no clue what to watch, when the selection before you seems daunting and endless.

These hacks will, above all, allow you to Keep Calm and Netflix On…

1. Find out which programs are IN and which are OUT.


As you probably know already/found out the hard way, Netflix changes… A LOT. One day, your fave movie will be there and, before you even get a chance to say goodbye, it will be gone. To prevent this tragedy from happening, you can check sites like Instant Watcher to see what’s new on Netflix. Bonus: you can also see what’s popular, sort by genre, and even have the site generate a random pick for you.


There’s also Now Streaming, which tells you exactly when certain programs will be leaving Netflix – so you can have enough time to grieve.

2. Let Reddit be your guide.


Reddit is great for many reasons, but did you know that there’s a section where Redditors share their favorite, lesser-known Netflix gems? It’s called r/netflixbestof and it’s actually super helpful (especially since many include quick synopses and direct links).

3. Netflix add-ons for Chrome.


If you use Chrome (you might start after hearing this), you can install add-ons that allow you to see IMDb ratings, trailers, and profiles right on Netflix. It’s called NEnhancer and the best part? It’s FREEEEE!

4. Pick a movie at random.


If you have zero ideas and are down for anything, then allow Netflix Roulette to act as your Wheel of Fortune. You can simply click “Spin” to allow any movie and/or TV show to pop up. Or, you can use the advanced options to select a rating, genre, director’s name, actor’s name, or keyword to help narrow down your search.

5. Create multiple profiles for every mood and moment.

If you share your account with others, then you already know about creating a profile for each person. But, you can also make multiple profiles for yourself (if you haven’t used up all of the five profiles you’re allowed to have).

6. Access the Netflix lists for other countries.


To unlock media from other countries, you can use the free site Smartflix or the $3.95/month (after a one-week free trial) site mediahint. Now, you can cinematically travel across the globe from the comfort of your couch!

7. Movies sorted by “Tomatometer.”


Thanks to Rotten Tomatoes, you can have a healthy relationship with Netflix that’s open, honest, and involves zero games.

Specifically, they have a list of all Netflix movies, which can be sorted based on their release date or ratings (AKA “tomatometer”). Plus, you can also select specific genres and even see what other streaming services have to offer during a compare/contrast session.

8. Use Netflix codes to find specific sub-genres.


Netflix engineers sort through the many genres and sub-genres using specific codes. Several sites have found these codes and, when you paste them on the end of the Netflix URL, they take you directly to whatever category your heart desires.

For instance, if you add “6839” to the end of the Netflix URL, it will take you right to the Documentaries genre:

You can use this site to see exactly what the codes are. When you click on the link, it takes you directly to the Netflix category page! (Note: codes change all the time, so some links may not work 24/7.)

With all this Netflix knowledge under our belt, let’s hope that 2016 is a year filled with great movies, rad TV shows, and plenty of binge-watching!

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