Rachel Paige
Updated Aug 19, 2015 @ 9:35 am

There’s a very long list of reasons as to why we love Netflix. The big one is that it includes hours upon hours of endless entertainment for us to watch, whether we’re binging at TV show or settling in for a movie marathon. In short, Netflix has everything we could ever want and more. But it doesn’t have commercials.

It’s a small thing that’s easy to forget every time you click “NEXT EPISODE.” But, when you add up all the time you save by skipping commercials, it’s a BIG thing. Netflix streams its television content without any sort of commercials, condensing hour-long episodes into roughly a 41 minute-ish block of time, and half hour episodes into around 22 minutes-ish. I always think of it like this: I can watch three 30 Rock episodes in the time it would take me to watch two on TV. That means Netflix is giving me 33% more episodes every hour.

The folks over at Exstreamist wanted to get to the bottom of just how much time Netflix is saving us by bypassing commercials all together. They calculated a final number “by multiplying the amount of time the average person streams Netflix on a daily basis by the average time ads are aired during a normal one hour broadcast.”

Average time a Netflix subscriber spends streaming a day is 1.5 hours (LOL that’s like child’s play). They determined that an average hour of television on TV includes roughly 15 minutes and 30 seconds of commercials.

Doing the math, what’s the final number? Netflix is saving us 130 hours worth of commercials each year. Do you realize how many episodes of 30 Rock that is? About roughly 350. That’s binging the series twice, and then some. That’s how much time Netflix is saving us by doing away with car, insurance, and shampoo commercials.

Bottom line: Netflix is the gift that keeps on giving. For us, it’s the little things that Netflix does that really shows that they care.

Love you, Netflix.

(Image via Netflix)