Sorry, but your Valentine is almost definitely cheating on you – with Netflix

Happy Valentine’s Day! While you might have romantic dinner plans lined up for the evening, you might actually be more excited for your after dinner plans: Netflix. If you’re anything like us, you’re just as excited for a candlelit lit dinner as you are to watch Netflix — and you do you.

…However, as we recently learned when we caught up with Netflix Studios in New York City, a whole lot of Valentines out there can not be trusted when it comes to late-night streaming.

Basically, if you just-so-happen to be blissfully asleep during the final 10 seconds of the Breaking Bad Season 5 finale, your SO is not going to press stop when Netflix autoplays Season 6. And once bae becomes a Netflix cheater, odds are there’s no going back.


Netflix polled over 30,000 streaming couples worldwide to find out just how many people are cheating, how they’re cheating, and with what specific shows, and created a fun, interactive game using their damning data points. We got the chance to play, and were more than a little surprised to learn just how many of you out there are being disingenuous with your Netflix watching — and which shows you’re watching when you commit these dirty deeds.

This information, much like the Nightmare on Elm Street series, confirms that you should never, ever fall asleep.


Next time your partner looks guilty and/or disengaged when you catch up on the “newest” episode of Orange is the New Black, you’ll totally know why — they already watched it without you!

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