Gina Vaynshteyn
June 03, 2016 6:17 pm

Yesterday, forever pop queen of our hearts Britney Spears talked to E! News about her new album, the highly-anticipated album (her ninth!) she’s been working on for the last two years. “It’s a little melodic, a little more not so poppy. It’s kind of chill. Very chill,” Britney said. Um, sounds amazing.

While the album won’t be released until fall, we do have something that will hold us over until then: a recently surfaced video from 1998 that shows 16-year-old Britney Spears performing in Singapore BEFORE she became super famous. According to Muumuse, the pop singer was allegedly showcasing some songs from her first album to record executives.


They must have liked what they saw, because we got Baby One More Time that same year. According to Billboard, Britney had a feeling the song was going to be super popular. When she was sixteen, she said, “I had been in the studio for about six months listening to and recording material, but I hadn’t really heard a hit yet. When I started working with Max Martin in Sweden, he played the demo for ‘Baby One More Time’ for me, and I knew from the start it was one of those songs you want to hear again and again. It just felt really right.” 

The tracks on the video (its original file name is titled “Asian Conference Presentation Singapore”) include “…Baby One More Time,” “Sometimes,” and a Jets cover, “You Got It All.”

Excuse me while we OBSESS. First of all, there’s the Posh Spice little black dress. And the parted-down-the-middle bangs. And the dance moves! So ’90s! So adorable! Go Baby Britney, Go!