Kit Steinkellner
Updated Feb 04, 2017 @ 9:25 am
"Santa Clarita Diet" Premiere
Credit: Michael Kovac/Getty Images

As an actor, Nathan Fillion has developed something of a reputation for making himself comfortable in some pretty out-there locales.

We’ll take a sec and count ’em off. There’s the space-travel world of Firefly. (And the space travel world of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy 2.) Also the musical superpowered world of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. And the modern-day, black and white Shakespearean world of Much Ado About Nothing. Then, of course, the you-have-to-solve-a-mystery-every-week world of Castle.

That said, we think we’ve finally found the one place where Nathan Fillion doesn’t look completely comfortable. Or suave, or smooth, or hyper-confident-borderline-cocky, or any of the traits we typically associate with Mr. Fillion.

We present, for your viewing pleasure, an Instagram of Nathan Fillion in an disco party bus

Yes, that’s right, a disco party bus.

Watch and enjoy.

Omigod, his eyeballs. His motherflipping, everloving eyeballs. Comedic gold, we tell ya. We can’t stop laughing, watching him quietly look around the silliness of a disco party bus with a look of pure suspicion/confusion/mild horror. It’s basically like he’s got a thought bubble floating over his head that says “Am I in a stress dream or, oh God, IS THIS REAL LIFE?”

TBH, it seems like Fillion has had quite a few adventures over the past few weeks and this disco party bus is just a small part of the madness.

There was that Sunday when he joined a motorcycle crew:

And that time he “personalized” his brother’s luggage:

Also, that time he got super friendly-like with a live scorpion:

And that time he bestied up to Deadpool Ryan Reynolds.

Nathan Fillion, living life! We can’t wait to see what hijinks and adventures this actor cooks up next! Til the next bit of mischief and mayhem, sir! We will be following along on Instagram!