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We’re seeing double. Imagine a world with two Natalie Portmans? The grace, the glamour, the most perfect shaved head shape. If you’re in agreement that the more Natalies the better (even it’s purely for more #tbt SNL gangsta rapping), you are in luck. 22-year-old actress Zoey Deutch is a mini-Natalie, and we are not joking (or is NatPo the original Zoey Deutch? You be the judge.) Deutch is already on her way to Portman-level fame, as she’s starred in movies by award winning director Richard Linklater, as well as next year’s J.D. Salinger biopic, Rebel in the Rye.

The ladies have a ton in common despite their 13 year age difference, and tons of those shared attributes are in the looks department.

Check out their insane resemblance in some comparison shots below!

Even in classic black and white these two totally #twinning.

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Remember the daring, bold and award-winning V for Vendetta days? We do, and even if we didn’t? Zoey’s bringing back major V-vibes. The slicked back hair is working.

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Even when blonde, they are uncannily similar.

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Don’t miss Natalie as the iconic Jackie O in this winter’s Jackie. Also iconic? These matching, cheesy grins.

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What’s that? Flat-ironed hair would tell them apart? Wrong.

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Are we a lucky bunch or what? Two times the doe-eyed, dark-haired, bold-brow’d brave young actresses in Hollywood never did anyone any harm. Their #twinship calls for a long-lost sister meet-up movie, asap. And while they’re at it, when’s our Will Ferrell/Chad Smith crossover film coming out?