Sammy Nickalls
March 29, 2016 4:14 am
the nanny

Be prepared for a blast from the ’90s past, because Charles Shaughnessy is totally here for fans of The Nanny — and most certainly for his co-star, Renee Taylor, on her birthday.

Charles, who starred as Maxwell Sheffield in the ’90s hit sitcom, took to Facebook last week to share some super-cute photos of himself, Renee (who starred as Sylvia Fine), and Fran Drescher (Fran Fine) for Renee’s 83rd birthday. “An evening with the mother in law!” Charles wrote in the caption of one snapshot. “Happy Birthday Renee!!”

The Nanny stars’ birthday celebration took place at Fran’s house, and it was clearly gorgeous, because the photos have got a clear view of the ocean.

One of our fave on-screen couples spending some quality time with their mother-in-law on her birthday? Yeah, it’s pretty much something straight from our ’90s dreams.

The Nanny ran on CBS from 1993-1999, but even though it’s been over 15 years since its end, fans commented on the pictures requesting what we *all* want: An official Nanny reunion.

“How about a Nanny reunion??? Would love to see you all again!” wrote one commenter. “Maxwell and Fran’s twins are all grown up – and Maggie, Brighton and Grace must have families of their own by now. . . Would love to see you all on my TV screen again!!!!”

Yeah, we must say we totally agree. Let’s make this happen, TV gods — please and thank you.