Karen Belz
Updated Aug 14, 2017 @ 7:10 am
Credit: Amanda Edwards / WireImage / Getty Images

It’s been a bonus year for Bruno Mars. Not only is he making headlines for donating a million dollars towards the Flint Water crisis, but he released his music video for “Versace on the Floor” starring Zendaya. As per usual, Mars made sure his video sparkled.

Casting Zendaya was actually the perfect move, since the actress, who first made waves due to her role in the Disney Channel sitcom Shake It Up, has been pretty vocal over being a big Bruno Mars fan. In fact, she chose one of his songs to perform on Lip Sync Battle earlier this year.

We’re sure she was thrilled to be included. And as expected, she did an amazing job.

It’s hard to tell what we love more — the purple glow of the video, Zendaya’s rad outfit, or the fact that the song just oozes romance.

We also have a feeling that Zendaya had no problem lip-synching some of the lyrics. Since the song is featured on the 2016 album 24K Magic, she’s had some time to learn the song. And again, she showcased her incredible lip-sync skills on television not too long ago.

It’s just a shame she didn’t get a chance to dress up like Mars this time around.

Not only is Mars front and center in the video, but it turns out that he also co-directed it along with Cameron Duddy, who has worked with artists like Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears in the past. And it’s apparent he works quite well with Mars, since the two collaborated together for the “24k Magic” video released last October.

Since this video was so electric, we kind of hope that Zendaya and Bruno Mars pair up together again in the near future.