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Becca Rose
September 09, 2017 11:36 am

Zayn Malik is working on a new album, and he’s already got his number one fan excited for it: his mom. According to Zayn’s interview with The Fader, his mom loved his acting in his newest music video. The accompanying film for his song “Dusk Till Dawn” is more like a mini movie than anything. It’s jam-packed with action, drama, Zayn’s incredible fashion and style, and oh yeah – bullets. A mysterious tattoo is a key plot point. The track features Sia as well, so you know it’s bound to have a great hook.

“Dusk Till Dawn” follows Zayn as he unravels some sort of elaborate heist scheme. Jemima Kirke plays his partner-in-crime — check it out.

It seems like Zayn Malik enjoyed the experience of making the music video.

And his mom loved watching it.

"That was fun for me," he told The Fader. "I showed it to my mum and she said to me, 'Ah, you look really confident, and it’s really cool to see you like that.' I turned and I said to her, 'Well, I’m playing a character, that’s not me.' It’s easy to be confident when you’re being a guy who’s such a badass and doing crazy shit. I’ll tell you now, if that was me in real life with police standing that close to me, I’d be like, 'Yo, I didn’t do shit! I do not need you to be that close in my vicinity.' Obviously for the sake of the drama it was fun to do it, and I’d like to do more of it."

There’s no a concrete release date yet for Zayn’s new album, but we’re willing to wait. We’ll just have to be happy with the new single for a while longer. In the meantime, Zayn says he’s keeping busy with gardening and sleeping well. We’re happy he’s having fun and feeling healthy.

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