Dasha Fayvinova
Updated August 14, 2016
Dejan Stanic Micko/Shutterstock

It looks like the millions of people who play video games religiously have finally caught the attention of the music world. Spotify released a new feature that is solely dedicated to connecting users with video game music they love!


The site’s employees curate playlists that are a mix of full original soundtracks from games users are already familiar with as well as a mashup of similar themed songs that can be played for #gameinginspo. The playlist titles alone are worth a glance or two.Some that catch the eye right away are “RetroWave/Outrun” and “Power Gaming.”

The announcement has a lot of people on social media buzzing with excitement.


Video game music has been one the the medium’s coolest features since games began. From 8-bit tunes to modern orchestral scores written by world-famous composers, the thematic, often-wordless scores can rival movie music at it’s best. They also can make a heck of a workout playlist, as battling monsters and crushing that chest-press turn out to be pretty close cousins!

All hail to Spotify, finally bringing in one of music’s coolest niches to the mainstream!