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Rachel Sanoff
August 19, 2016 1:53 pm


Frank Ocean finally released new music last night! IT HAPPENED!

Now, Ocean did not release Boys Don’t Cry, the extremely anticipated follow-up to his 2012 critically-acclaimed debut, Channel Orange. But he released something equally incredible — a 45 minute visual album called Endless.

Apple Music

He released the album on AppleMusic late last night, and the 18 beautiful tracks play while Ocean builds a staircase in his warehouse.

Plus, according to music reps, it certainly seems that another album, like Boys Don’t Cry, is still on the very near horizon.


Previously, the internet was not shy about expressing the sorrow, desperation, and broken trust we felt while getting tricked about a record release time and time again.

So can you even imagine how Twitter is behaving now that our dreams have finally come true?!

Let’s see:

It’s a new day!

Can this really be happening?!

The realest summary.

We knew he’d never disappoint — we were just acting out.

No words.

~performance art~

Our love runs deep.

He gives us so much.

It’s a beautiful staircase.

Too excited to sleep!

A gift.

Wait tho…

YES, FRANK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you. For everything.

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