Karen Belz
Updated Sep 21, 2016 @ 9:33 am
Credit: Marcus Oleniuk / Getty Images

We love music, but even more, we love it when musicians do something incredibly kind for their fellow people. You’ve probably heard of the Canadian band The Tragically Hip before, especially if you grew up loving rock music of the ’80s and ’90s. The band, which consists of Gord Downie, Rob Baker, Gord Sinclair, Paul Langlois, and Johnny Fay got their start in 1984, but they’re still active. Even when tragedy happens to strike.

This year, singer Gord Downie went public with his struggle against brain cancer, and fans rallied to help support him. Downie’s case was rough from the very start —called glioblastoma, it aggressively affects an estimated four to six people out of 100,000, and the diagnosis is rarely ever a good one. Of course, many hearts were broken when the news was revealed.

A press release was issued that stated that Downie wasn’t going to let the cancer bring him down. In fact, he was still willing to sing. Even more, the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research was established, aiming to help others that receive similar news from their doctor. But for Downie, his case would be uncurable.

The band’s most recent tour went ahead and collected more than $1 million for brain cancer research. It’s been reported that out of these funds, $400,000 will go directly to the Canadian Cancer Trials Group, based out of Queen’s University in Ontario.

Most of the donations are coming in through events like bake sales and raffles, but it’s without a doubt that fans of the band are showing how much Downie and The Tragically Hip have meant to them by supporting such a worthy cause.

The band’s final concert was held this August, and it was quite the farewell. If you’re interested in supporting the band, check out their amazing collection of songs, and consider donating to the Gord Downie fund to help put an end to cancer.