Britney Spears and her 2004 hit “Toxic” will always hold a firm place in our hearts as long as we live. As we all recall, Spears was often criticized during her early-2000s career for her over-use of auto-tune. But a recently released leak of “Toxic,” sans auto-tune, proves that Spears has actually got the goods under all that audio enhancement.

We will never doubt you again, Queen Britney Spears!

The unedited version of “Toxic” was released yesterday by YouTuber shaggy. The song has already been played over 35,000 times, and people in the comments are eating it up. Some are even saying they like this version better than the original!

The public must give Spears credit where credit is due! Her natural singing voice sounds amazing in this track. Auto-tune who???

If you need to compare this new leaked version to the OG anthem of our tween-hood, here’s the music video for Spears’ original “Toxic.” We forgot how perfectly extreme this video is!

Auto-tune was huge back in the late ’90s and early 2000s. It was kind of a stylistic choice for a lot of pop artists. In a way, auto-tune defined that specific pop generation and made their music easily identifiable as that of the early 2000s.

Now, we know that Brit hasn’t had the best rapport with live performances, but we must remember that she’s only human. Humans have off days and some of Spears’ performances will be better than others.

We think this new release is perfect proof that on Spears’ good days, her voice is top shelf! The Princess of Pop will always reign supreme in our hearts, auto-tuned or not!