tlc chilli and t-boz
Credit: C Flanigan/Getty Images

Listen up, people: One of your favorite girl groups of all time needs a little assistance. Far be it from us to pass up the chance to chime in with our two cents, so of course we’re all in when it comes to helping TLC name their new album, and hopefully you will be, too.

If you are one of the many fans wondering WTF happened to the fifth and final TLC album the group created a Kickstarter to fund back in 2015, group members Chilli and T-Boz finally have a release date set for the record, Billboard reports.

Aaand just like that, this month just got infinitely better. Let the countdown begin, y’all!

But first things first: We have to get this album named per Chilli and T-Boz’s specific request for fan-inspired titles. SIGHS. We heart you *so* hard TLC! What a wonderful way to involve your supporters, who have contributed $430, 255 towards the upcoming project.

The yet-to-be named album will be the group’s first since 2002’s 3D and also the first group effort that won’t feature late member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, so we implore our fellow TLC fans to let their crazysexycool and creative juices flow forth to produce a title that lives up to the previous ones.

We cannot wait to get our hands on this album!