Credit: Tony Sehgal

It can be super overwhelming to find new music, so we’ve taken the liberty of doing that for you. Be Calm Honcho is a San Francisco-based indie rock band who create powerful, emotionally cathartic music while harnessing some deep, rarely-visited emotions.

And we have the beautiful music video for their single, “Bad Man,” written by lead singer Shannon Harney, directed by Pete Lee, and choreographed by Kathleen Dycaico.

This is a very personal track penned for Harney’s incarcerated kid brother. Despite its inherent weight, the track is is bursting with energy and character — both in lyrics and visual elements.

For The AV Club, Harney de-mystified her approach to the song, explaining,

Speaking about the visually stunning work itself, Harney offered us these words:

If this makes you want to check out some more Be Calm Honcho, we don’t blame you! This is a band with emotional depth, and you must find them on iTunes! BRB… listening to “Bad Man” on repeat.