Amanda Malamut
September 02, 2017 9:59 am
VCG / Getty

Britney Spears definitely knows how to have fun with her audience. At one of her recent performances at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, she brought a fan on stage to sign a T-Shirt for him. But right away, Brit sensed that something was off — and hilariously called him out for being drunk.

The fan, a young man named Sean, was on the stage while the singer performed her song “Freakshow.” Which was very brave of her, TBH, since last month Brit was almost attacked when a fan rushed the stage. But Sean wasn’t there to cause trouble, just to have fun. And to see her new outfits and help shut down those false lip-syncing rumors once and for all, we bet.

Sean wasn’t acting drunk, but when Spears got close to sign his shirt, she could smell the evidence on his breath.

Brit asked if he was ok and announced to the audience, “Oh, my goodness. You smell like you have a lot of alcohol on your breath!” We can’t even imagine what it would be like if Brit called us out on stage!

As Sean left the stage so the performance could continue, Spears jokingly exclaimed, “Jesus Christ!” Her comedic timing is goldn. After she had her fun, she jumped right back into the choreography. Like a boss.

Here’s the hilarious moment in all its glory.

It’s great to see Spears have such a sense of humor when it comes to her fans. And that she can still have fun performing after all of these years. Britney: Piece of Me ends its four-year run on December 31, so see it while you still can! We hope that more hilarity ensues and that everyone stays safe.