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You’ve probably heard a lot about fidget spinners recently. So, it kind of makes sense that a song made entirely with fidget spinners would come to fruition. Hey, if Jimmy Fallon can recreate hits with classroom instruments, you’d figure that a techno song created with fidget spinners would eventually happen at some point, right?

The song was created by YouTuber Andrew Huang, who is a big fan of creating melodies with unusual objects. In fact, he’s built his entire channel around it. He’s used water bottles, balloons, drones, and dogs before, and has been pretty successful. According to Huang, the fidget spinner video was in high demand, stating it was his “most requested video” of all time.

As expected, he creates quite a great beat.

Huang noted that he wanted to choose a genre that’d lend to the “little clicky sounds” that the fidget toys make, and immediately thought of “minimal techno.”

We have to admit, it looks like a lot of fun.

Credit: Andrew Huang /

Aside from the song, the video is also pretty mesmerizing to watch.

Huang knows a lot about music, so he knew how to get the best sound out of each spinner — and how to record it to truly maximize each individual toy. Hint: A lot of it has to do with “that perfect sideways angle.”

Even better, Huang details his entire process. So if fidget spinner music is something you’d be interested in creating yourself, his little tutorial will probably be a big help.