Gina Vaynshteyn
July 28, 2017 10:30 am
Focus Features

Atomic Blonde, starring Charlize Theron and James McAvoy, comes out today. So if you didn’t have plans this weekend, here you go. You are welcome. And if you’re busy or would rather wait a few weeks until the crowds at the theater die down, let the Atomic Blonde soundtrack tide you over — because OMG it’s so good. It’s been on repeat for me since I saw the movie earlier this week at its LA premiere.

It’s not just that the soundtrack features some of the most popular ’80s tracks (Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus,” and “Atomic” by Blondie, naturally), but it also takes classics like “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” and “Blue Monday” and gives them the remix and cover treatment. HEALTH’s version of the New Order hit is like, something I want to smother all over my body if a song were in liquid form — it’s so broody and sexy, and I just want to listen to it until the end of time with some sunglasses and a swipe of piercing red lipstick on.

Like other summer blockbusters this summer (Baby Driver, Guardians of the Galaxy), Atomic Blonde‘s plot is totally synchronized with its retro score. Except unlike Baby Driver and Guardians, Atomic Blonde is actually set in the soundtrack’s time period: the late ’80s. In one scene, Charlize Theron’s platinum blonde Lorraine Broughton, an M16 agent, turns on music when she hears policemen come charging into an apartment she’s investigating; she preemptively drowns out the sounds of her fighting them one by one (and her weapon of choice: a garden hose). In another scene, Lorraine turns up the stereo when a French spy whispers important information in her ear (she already knows there’s a good chance everything she’s saying is being recorded). The Cold War-era synth pop is the perfect match for this action flick, acting as Lorraine’s best accomplice.

Atomic Blonde is a spy movie, but it stands out thanks to Charlize Theron’s Lorraine, who is ruthless, whip-smart, and fashionable as hell. Sent to Berlin on a mission to retrieve a list of double agents trying to cross the East border on the eve of the wall’s collapse, Lorraine is told to align herself with David Percival (McAvoy), who may or may not have his own agenda. Lorraine is constantly kicking and punching her way out of ambush after ambush while remaining cool and staying determined to complete her mission.

Listen to the soundtrack here — I won’t blame you if you want to jam out in your fave leg warmers and BOY London tee.

Atomic Blonde is out today in theaters.