Teyana Taylor’s husband explained her “Fade” cat face and it’s *so* inspirational

Some things in life need to be explained more than once before they really start to sink in, which is why we’re *so* relieved to finally understand what Teyana Taylor’s “Fade” cat face means, thanks to the explanation her husband Iman Shumpert gave Billboard.

What the NBA player said about our ongoing cat face confusion is similar to what one of the “Fade” choreographers said about it shortly after the video dropped, but Shumpert’s breakdown makes us feel so inspired that we think we can manage to stare Taylor directly in the cat face without becoming totally creeped out and avoiding cats for a day.

"Teyana in her purest form - nude - but being her most fierce self," the 26-year-old basketball player explained, "a lioness, after washing off the past she had to work through alone."


OK, so let’s add this up. Taylor’s nudity = purity and it was actually a lioness face, not a cat face…because lionesses are fierce and cats are…cats? Clearly, we’re still a bit puzzled on that front, but what Shumpert said about Teyana “washing off” past issues she worked through on her own was totally inspiring. That’s a story every woman who’s successfully championed herself through personal struggles can relate to and learn from.

Now, to put our theory to the test. Can we stare into Taylor’s lioness mug without completely losing it?


Whew, we did it! Guess that makes us a part of the official fierce lioness club, eh?