Rachel Charlene Lewis
December 24, 2016 8:03 am
George Pimentel/Getty Images for Sundance Film Festival

Directed by Allister Ann, Tegan and Sara’s video for “That Girl” is perfectly retro with its black-and-white vibes and killer compilation of behind-the-scenes, college-style clips. It feels like hanging with our coolest, most stylish best friends. All the close ups of their beautiful little faces in the “That Girl” vid give us all the feels. All we want are new music videos from Tegan and Sara FOREVER.

There’s something slow and syrupy about Tegan and Sara’s video for “That Girl” that we absolutely heart. UGH THEY’RE SO PRECIOUS. We’re grateful for every incredible album these talented sibs have brought into our lives, but the pop darkness of this one really has us bursting, and sometimes crying. But like, in a good way!

Definitely, definitely watch Tegan and Sara’s video for “That Girl” because it’s amaaaaazing.

The talented duo gave us a heads up about the video’s existence on Instagram (though we obv would have known anyway because WE LOVE THEM).

It came complete with a sweet message sending so much love to their fans, and our hearts are so warm and fuzzy. They wrote,

We’re not the only ones who dig it. One commenter wrote, “I listened to your album on Spotify but I want to buy it in iTunes just so you guys can take my money,” and we’re nodding a lot. Someone else wrote, “Best song on the album IMO.” While it’s not an easy pick, we do really, really love this song.

TG for Tegan and Sara and their continually good hearts.