Gabriela Herstik
October 20, 2017 10:44 am

Taylor Swift never shies away from making a statement, whether that involves calling out her haters or letting us explicitly know that the old Taylor is dead. Though we still have to wait for her newest album, Reputation, to drop to get the whole story on this new Taylor, there’s one thing we know from her latest single — the new Taylor still loves her cats.

In her latest release, “Gorgeous,” Taylor sings about love, long hazy nights, and coming home to her cats…alone. Honestly, who doesn’t know that feeling? We’re just glad this new version of Taylor still includes loving on her furry friends.

In the song, we hear Taylor talking about something almost everyone can relate to: unrequited love.

That feeling of wanting to be in someone’s presence, to know them, to spend time with them — but not being able to. In Taylor’s case, she sings of how her boyfriend is “in the club doing I don’t know what,” but that all she can think about is how gorgeous this person is, which is supposedly in reference to her boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

But then, Taylor drops a truth bomb, one any cat lady or lover will know. She sings,

So the old Taylor may be dead, but the new Taylor still knows what’s up, and the internet can’t get enough.

And honestly, we get it.

We hope her cats realize they got a shout-out. false

And we’re crossing our fingers that her cats make an appearance on the rest of the record, too!