Olivia Harvey
Updated Oct 23, 2017 @ 12:45 pm

Are you guys ready for it? In her upcoming music video for “…Ready For It?”, Taylor Swift strips down to reveal some high-tech nudity, leaving us to wonder if this is what the new Taylor is going to look like.

Think Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video — but in outer space. That’s the vibe we get from the teaser video Swift posted on her Instagram earlier today. Extraterrestrial things are definitely happening in the series of snippets.

Harnessing lightening, manifesting energy orbs, odd robot-looking creatures — you know, the works.

And let’s not glaze over the fact that Swift appears to be totally naked during one scene.

We’re thinking this new, android-like version of Swift might have been assembled to fight the dark forces that are perhaps the haters and/or the media.

Or maybe this is what Taylor’s character looks like after going out on a solo intergalactic mission without her “Bad Blood” squad. The possibilities of what new Taylor is up to are truly endless.

Then again, this plot line could be a follow-up to “Look What You Made Me Do.” Did we make Swift take off into outer space? Did we cause her to become a droid-like version of herself who is being controlled by outside sources?

The video for “…Ready For It?”, another single from her upcoming album, Reputation, comes out Thursday, so our theories can’t be confirmed or denied before then.

And if we know anything about Swift and her tendency to drop hints in music videos, she’s most likely naked for a good reason.