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Updated October 20, 2017 12:16 pm

Taylor Swift dropped her third single off her forthcoming Reputation album, and OG Swift fans are going nuts. The new single “Gorgeous” feels a lot like ~old Taylor,~ with a narrative lifted straight from “Enchanted,” but there is one sonically standout element that Swift hasn’t tried before — at the start of the song, a child’s voice speaks the word “gorgeous.” Swift is known for those speaking interludes she loves so much, but this little bb crying out “gorgeous” is interesting. Naturally, fans are dying to know who this kid is, is it actually a kid’s voice, is it Swift’s voice, and what can it mean?!

Swift recently held Reputation listening parties at her London and Rhode Island homes, and if you were one of the 300 people attending one of these secret sessions, you found out who the child’s voice is.


So, Swift revealed who the kid’s voice is, just not publicly. Cue the internet speculation.

Some fans think it’s Taylor’s own voice, either digitized or from a home video.


**We should note that nobody seems to be able to track down said video.**

Some think it’s Jaime King’s son Leo Thames Newman, because after all, Swift is his Godmother.

Others think it’s a combination of both Swift and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn’s voices, though we hardly think that’s the case.

The one that the internet is really latching onto is that it is Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold’s daughter James.

That seems to be the theory getting the most traction because when Swift teased the song, both Lively and Reynolds “liked” her post.

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Listen to the new song yourself and let us know what you think.