Rachel Paige
May 26, 2016 9:38 am
Big Machine

Ah, the celebrity cameo. They happen all the time, with our favorites popping up in unassuming places to show support for their friends and projects. Often it’s a huge surprise when this happens, and other times, it’s such a huge surprise that we’re left scratching our heads like, “What just happened?”

The latest celebrity cameo that’s been brought to our attention is a big, “Wait, WHAT?” This cameo dates back to 2013. Taylor Swift had just finished her Red tour, and the world knew that her and Ed Sheeran were BFFs for life. They recorded a song together, “Everything Has Changed,” and enlisted two adorable little children to play tiny versions of them self during the video for the love song.

They also supposedly enlisted Hugh Jackman, too.

On the IMDB page for “Everything Has Changed,” Hugh Jackman is listed as appearing in an uncredited role in the video. And like…what? Coming from someone who is a BIG Taylor fan, and a HUGE Ed Fan, and has watched this video THOUSANDS of times, never once has Wolverine popped up. So where the heck is he?!


During the whole 4:11 minuet video, it appears as if there are only three adult gentlemen in the whole thing.

One is a bus driver.

Big Machine/HelloGiggles

The other is one of little Taylor and Ed’s teachers.

Big Machine/HelloGiggles

The last is the soccer coach/gym teacher.

Big Machine/HelloGiggles

None of them particularly look like Jackman. The bus driver certainly has Wolverine-like sideburns going on, but is it really Jackman? The soccer coach could also be Jackman, but with most of his head obstructed and so far in the background, it’s HARD TO TELL.

What do you think, friends? NO ONE — not Swift, Jackman, or even Sheeran — ever confirmed that this is actually a ~thing~. So, could the real Hugh Jackman in the “Everything Has Changed” video please stand up?