Olivia Harvey
September 08, 2017 11:58 am

Taylor Swift fans had to hone their detective skills to get the full picture of “Look What You Made Me Do,” Swift’s first release off her upcoming album, Reputation. Now, this new generation of sleuths has predicted what Swift’s next single might be calledthanks to their expertly trained eyes.

After listening intently to lyrics and studying her social media posts, Swifties believe that their pop princess’ next track is called “A Second Glance.” It all started when Swift dropped “…Ready For It?” on Sunday, and the title rang a bell for some super-fans. Said fans quickly scrolled back on Swift’s Instagram feed to her post announcing when “LWYMMD” went live.

Holy moly — Swift captioned her announcement with “…ready for it?”, therefore sneakily letting fans in on what her next single would be.

We’re working with a social media/pop culture genius here, people.

So with this information in our holsters, fans turned their eyes to Swift’s latest cryptic Instagram post inviting fans to take “a second glance” at Reputation.

“A Second Glance”? We’re onto you, Taylor.

As fans have come to realize, when it comes to Taylor Swift’s use of phrasing and imagery, there’s no such thing as coincidence. Now that we’re 99.5% sure that Swift’s latest single will be called “A Second Glance,” we now just have to figure out what that title means, who/what Swift is taking a second glance at, how New Taylor sees Old Taylor’s life, etc.

But with a fanbase made up of expert codebreakers who are probably qualified to work for the government, we have no doubt that all those questions will be answered within the first 24 hours of “A Second Glance’s” release.