Caitlin Gallagher
August 30, 2017 12:48 pm

Just when you think you’ve spotted every little reference in Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” video, you become aware of another fan theory. And while you probably already know about some of the more obvious nods to Swift’s ex Calvin Harris (like the gravestone marked Nils Sjöberg), there are two more moments that require some super sleuthing. Luckily, Swift fans have done the heavy lifting for us, and you can see for yourself whether you think Swift was exposing a secret about her relationship with Harris in her latest music video.

When Swift is chilling in a bathtub of jewels toward the beginning of “Look What You Made Me Do,” you were probably distracted by the single dollar bill next to Swift.

But there may be another clue you missed that’s on the ground next to the tub.

TaylorSwiftVEVO /

Fans on Tumblr noticed that it looks like the word “NO” is spelled out with gold necklaces. And not any old gold necklace — the “N” is made with a gold locket that people are speculating is supposed to look like the one that Harris gave to Swift on their one-year anniversary.

TaylorSwiftVEVO /

While the locket pretty much looks like any other heart-shaped locket, the theory is fueled by another scene in “Look What You Made Me Do.” As Swift is robbing a streaming company, a box that could be an engagement ring box appears behind her.

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Harris and Swift were never engaged when they dated, but an unnamed source told Page Six that Harris was allegedly shopping for an engagement ring when the pair broke up.

With the “NO” spelled out with a heart locket and the possible ring box, some fans are thinking that Swift could be stating that she denied a proposal from Harris.

Watch the entire “Look What You Made Me Do” video (for the hundredth time) to see if you can spot these two possible clues.

Although we may never know if this was Swift’s intention, with the plethora of other references in this video, it’s certainly not out of the question.