Olivia Harvey
Updated August 30, 2017

As we’ve been sifting through the symbolism within Taylor Swift’s music video for her latest single, “Look What You Made Me Do,” the same question keeps replaying in our head — what did we make her do? Thankfully, clarity is upon us thanks to Swift’s BFF, Todrick Hall, who appeared as one of Swift’s “I Heart T.S.” backup dancers.

Hall, a YouTube song and dance star, talked to Entertainment Tonight about his work with “Positively Fearless,” a movement that promotes HIV awareness among African American and Latino communities. In addition to contributing to this incredibly important conversation, Hall also briefly touched upon behind-the-scenes secrets from the “LWYMMD” music video.

TaylorSwiftVEVO / www.youtube.com

So what the heck does the song title mean, Todrick? Hall told ET,

Basically it sounds like Swift is just saying, “[Y]ou made me be better than you. Sorry not sorry!”

Even though Hall is in Swift’s inner circle, he still doesn’t have all the answers to fans’ questions about the symbolism. The entire project was kept tightly under wraps while in production, and Swift is keeping her underlying messages fairly private.

Perhaps we didn’t get as much clarity from Hall as we would have liked, but some things are meant to be kept secret. At least we now know what we made Swift do.