Krista Jensen
Updated Feb 02, 2017 @ 2:36 pm
Credit: Universal Music Group

Baby, baby — we feel crazy over this super intimate vid of Taylor Swift preparing her acoustic version of “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” sans Zayn Malik in prep for the 2017 DirecTV Now Super Saturday Night set to premiere before Super Bowl Sunday this weekend. A turtlenecked Taylor sets her own camera up to record a slower, moodier version of the usual duet (she covers both parts in this version, not that we mind one bit) and it’s been on repeat on our end since we uncovered the vid this morning. Taylor’s vocals are on fire in this solo version, and we have a list of songs we’d like her to go back and cover, alone, in a big empty studio with just a guitar and a head of blonde bedhead hair. Imagine a slowed down, more sinister “Blank Space?” Ugh, now we need it.

The proof of true, raw talent? Being able to wow an audience in an empty room with just your voice, a guitar, and a mic. Taylor knows this.

Perhaps a little bummed that Lady Gaga got the Super Bowl halftime slot, Taylor Swift (and her sponsors AT&T and DirecTV) is taking the snub into her own hands and capitalizing on Super Bowl buzz by hosting a “pre-Super Bowl event, in the same city, a day before the big game.” If we’re lucky, we can turn Super Bowl into a whole weekend long event! Guacamole and layer dips for everybody! false

Taylor tweeted the above pic, a jersey with her lucky number on it with a shout out to At&T and the words “this is gonna be fun.” The song she’s rehearsing has a video release date that coincides perfectly with Saturday’s event, and is featured in the upcoming Fifty Shades Darker.

Taylor’s a master at timing from everything to music to industry moves. We always knew she was a total boss.