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Life can be kinda stressful sometimes, but luckily The AV Club let us know that Steve from Blue’s Clues has a new album with Steven Drozd from the Flaming Lips (for all ages!). And not only is it relaxing, it’s super psychedelic and whimsical. Seriously, after hearing about Blake Lively’s Willy Wonka wall art and how the Muppets are officially kicking off the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, today is just a great day to celebrate the weird and wonderful.

So, the Steven’s band is called STEVEN STEVEN (naturally!), and they made a kids album titled Foreverywhere which is coming out in February next year.

Now prepare to reconnect with the child inside you, because here’s their first single “The Unicorn and Princess Rainbow:”

Did that just make your day, or what?! We thought they didn’t make videos like this anymore, but APPARENTLY THEY DO!

Wow, we’re feeling really relaxed. Great job, guys! From the colors and rainbows, to the sweet lullaby sounds, to Drozd’s layered expressions, to those endearing children playing instruments, this is the perfect fix for mid-week blues.

Not gonna lie, we might possibly (probably) be seeking out Foreverywhere when it releases.

In the meantime, we’re listening to this song on repeat! Even if there aren’t kids around. Yeah, you heard us. Isn’t the point that it’s for everyone? We’re going with yes.

H/T: Vulture